Arkada studio, the publisher that revolutionizes the board game!

We love games that bring us together and draw us into their own universe: a playful bubble that nothing can break. This is the promise of our voice application: replayability and immersion never seen before within reach of the voice. 

Voice is the interface of tomorrow: talk to the application and it will answer you, it’s that simple!

Our technology allows us to create living games that evolve with their community. Our authors create new scenarios, characters, objects and events.

All this live and without downloading: never seen before!

Thanks to our technology, players can also be authors and propose objects, events and adventures that will be directly added in our games.

Our team: a symbiosis of skills

The Arkada team is above all a team united by a passion for geek culture, art, games, culture and new technologies. It’s a team of professionals who combine their skills to offer you the richest, most immersive and most innovative board games! 

Do you recognize yourself in these lines? It’s a good thing, the studio is growing and is looking for new skills. So contact us!

La team Arkada


Quentin Deleau

Coming from 3D animation, Quentin imagined the rules of Erune on a Heroquest board over 15 years ago. In 2017, he founded Arkada Studio to bring his game to life!

Co founder

Kévin Roger

Animation director in a video game studio. Kévin is responsible for the beautiful Erune trailer and the dynamic poses of the miniatures!


Logan Chaix

Logan is a talented illustrator and storyboarder, and is responsible for communicating with the community and managing Arkada studio's social networks.


Raphaël Minette

After having worked for many companies in the video game industry. Raphaël is now working at Arkada Studio. You can admire his work on tiles, rule books, quests and some skill card and spell illustrations! 

Technical Leader

Steven Drouet

Steven loves three things: video games, board games and computer development. So it was only natural that he joined the Arkada Studio team in October 2020. 

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