Our story

It is in the heart of a small village in Normandy that Erune took its first steps, in the year 2010 of our era, when a group of friends was formed at a crossroads, entrenched in a dark dungeon that looked like a garden hut.  

From the passion of this joyful party of adventurers, an unbreakable friendship was born.These friends set out on a quest to create the game that would meet all their requirements …

Seasons and years passed, federating adventurers into a community, strengthening the ranks around the founders, in search of inventing, writing, testing and finally delivering to you the gem that you now hold in your hands: Erune.

Our mission

Our mission is to create ever more immersive board games with the user experience as the primary criterion. 

Thanks to our voice technology, this is now possible: talk with your game, take control of your story!

The Arkada Team

Quentin Deleau


Coming from 3D animation, Quentin imagined the rules of Erune on a Heroquest board over 15 years ago. In 2017, he founded Arkada Studio to bring his game to life!


Kevin Roger


Animation director in a video game studio. Kévin is responsible for the beautiful Erune trailer and the dynamic poses of the figures!

Raphael Minette


After having worked for many companies in the video game industry. Raphaël is now working at Arkada Studio. You can admire his work on tiles, rule books, quests and some illustrations of talents and spells cards! 

Gaëtan Martin

Head of communication and sales

 After studying marketing, Gaëtan crossed the path of Arkada Studio. In addition to taking care of the communication, he also composed with his duo the music of Erune. 

Steven Drouet


Steven loves three things: video games, board games and computer development. So it was only natural that he joined the Arkada Studio team in October 2020. 


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