Our technology : Voice is tomorrow interface.

Our first project ERUNE

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A new way of designing board games

“Technology, when applied to board games, allows more and more possibilities.”

DELEAU Quentin

President, Arkada Studio

This is why we have thought about using the voice to keep the social and human aspect of the board game while allowing us to exploit all that new technologies allow.

We have therefore developed a voice technology in the form of a mobile application with immersion as its first criteria. 


Database modifiable in real time

A cloud database that we can modify at any time. Adding regular content is easier and does not require any updates from the user.

Random management

It is now possible to have a real random loot or event system. Coupled with the cloud database the replayability is infinite.

Speech Recognition

The technology that links the user’s voice to the human language comprehension platform.


The voice assistant remembers the paths and decisions chosen by the players. This contextualization allows the content of the application to evolve and gives back to the players the control over their immersion.

Human language comprehension

For the assistant to answer, she has to understand. It is with the human language comprehension platform that anything is possible. A.I. learns from its mistakes and allows us to understand the intentions behind each sentence, it does not need to have an exact sentence.

A content management platform

Thanks to this platform the community will be able to easily add content without database knowledge or code.

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