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Heroic rulebook

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List of Skills per characters

The full list of skills for each game character.

List of spells by Adventurer

The complete list of spells for each Adventurer.

Heroic class skill tree

The list of skills that must be mastered to unlock the heroic classes for each character in the game.

Level tables

You want to prepare your evolution even more? Here are the level tables for each character!
Attention, the values can change and be updated. Last update 07/03/2022.

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Map of the world of Erune

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Spark Riders 3000 – Rulebook

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Most common questions

How to move ?

The movement roll for each Adventurer is 1D6 (movement die) plus 4 squares, this result corresponds to the number of attached squares (sharing a common edge) that the character can move. (page 14 of the rulebook)

For each new move, the movement roll is rerolled.

The move is interrupted if the character performs another basic action (a free action does not interrupt the move). (page 16 of the rulebook)

Monsters, on the other hand, move the number of squares indicated on their card.

The orientation of the miniature is chosen by the player at the end of the move. Moreover, once during your phase and only if you have not moved, you can change the orientation of your miniature for free. 

Note: The Archer’s Nimble ability allows him to move diagonally.

In what order do the characters perform their actions?

Each character, Monster or Adventurer, can perform their actions in the order of their choice. (page 5 of the rulebook)

Example: The Warrior moves, the Wizard casts a spell to improve the Warrior’s attack roll and finally the Warrior attacks a Monster. 

Note: To get started, it is recommended that you play in a specific order. 

How does levelling up work?

When you finish a quest or during a campfire, you can gain levels. During the leveling process, the application asks you for the number of experience points you have on your character sheet. If you gain a level, the application will announce you the different gains (maxPV, maxPS, maxPM, weapon rank, protections rank, new skills, new Spell field, etc.) (page 13 of the rulebook)

Note: After leveling up, remember to note the number of experience points remaining on your character sheet.  

Note : Après le passage de niveau, pensez à bien noter le nombre de points d’expérience restant sur votre feuille de personnage.  

How does a quest end?

When you have completed a quest and the “End Quest” button appears, you can continue to explore and search the dungeon. Beware, this is at your own risk! Other monsters and traps may appear! We leave it up to the players to decide if they should clear the entire dungeon or finish the quest whenever they want.

But remember: to conquer without danger we triumph without glory 😉

How do I learn new skills?

At level 1, each Adventurer chooses one mastered skill from the five basic ones (Adrenaline, Good Fortune, Backstab, Lightning Attack, Riposte).  The Master of Shadows chooses two. (page 14 of the rulebook)

Then, with each level gained, Master of Shadows and Adventurers can choose an additional skill. Some of these skills have prerequisites (indicated by a lock symbol at the bottom of the card): you must master the skill(s) indicated in order to unlock the new skill. (page 15 of the rulebook)

Example: The skill Opportunity Attack has the skills Backstab and Riposte as prerequisites. You must master these skills before you can learn Attack of Opportunity. 

Are character card abilities considered a free action or a basic action?

Adventurers’ abilities are free actions that can be performed once per turn. However, some abilities have a mana cost that you must pay for each time you use them.

Example: The Warrior’s “Tough” ability allows her to roll a black die to heal herself or gain stamina. This ability can be done as many times as you want as long as you pay the mana cost.

How do the passive monster skills work?

The passive skills written at the bottom of each Monster card can be used for free, and without the Master of Shadows having mastered these skills.

Example: Rats and Goblins have the passive skill “Group Attack”. The Master of Shadows can use the skill “Group attack” when they attack with Rats and Goblins, even if they do not master this skill. (page 9 of the rulebook)

How do I choose my spells at level 1?

At level 1, the Wizard masters 3 elemental Fields (Earth 1, Air 1, Water 1 and Fire 1). The Archer masters 2 Telluromancy 1 spell fields.

How many spell fields can the Wizard and the Archer use in a quest?

The Wizard’s “Disciple of the Arcane” ability allows her to choose three spell fields from all those she has mastered at the beginning of each quest. 

The Archer’s “Telluromancy” ability allows him, at the beginning of each quest, to choose two fields of Telluromancy spells from all those he has mastered. 

The ranges chosen are permanent for the duration of the quest. 

As the Wizard and the Archer gain levels, they can learn additional spell fields that will expand their choices at the beginning of each quest. 

The Wizard and Archer can master (learn) as many spell fields as the application announces when they level up.

Concerning the leveling up for spellcasters. What does the +3 mean?

When a caster learns a new Field during their level up, the +3 displayed in the application corresponds to the three spells of the mastered Field.

The caster can either learn a rank 1 field that they have not mastered yet, or they can learn a higher rank range (2 or 3) of the school they have already mastered. 

Example: The Wizard has mastered the rank 1 fire spell field. When she levels up, she unlocks the ability to learn a new spell field: she can then learn the rank 2 fire spell field.

Note: In a future update, we will change the display of spell gain when you level up. It will be written +1 field and not +3 spells. 

Can spells also be cast on the caster?

A character can always cast a spell on himself, regardless of its range.

How do I unlock heroic classes?

Just like skills, heroic classes have prerequisites that you must master in order to unlock them. 

Example: To become an Assassin, the Warrior must master the skills listed at the bottom of the class card (Premonition, Elusive, Retribution, Sneak attack).

I chose a heroic class that I don't like that much in the end. Do I have to keep it until the end?

You can only have one heroic class per character. It is not possible to learn a new heroic class. However, you can find Oblivion potions that will allow you to forget all of your skills and your heroic class in order to learn the ones you want.

The Spirit of Erune is with you today and offers everyone reading this an Oblivion potion that you can add to your character sheet. 

What rooms can be searched?

You can search once:

  • 4×4, 8×4 and 8×8 tiles 
  • a set of corridors connecting two doors.
Can a piece of furniture or a room be searched once per Adventurer or once in the game?

During a quest, a piece of furniture or a room can only be searched once. (page 25 of the rulebook)

If an enemy attacks me from behind, do I roll for defense?

Yes. Attacking from behind does not cause a malus to the defender but is a condition for the use of certain skills such as Backstab which gives a bonus to the attacker.

Can I push furniture? If so, how?

It is not possible to push furniture. But you can climb on tables and knock over cupboards. Be careful, some Monsters can climb on the cupboards! 

How does combat engagement work?

A character is engaged in combat when he attacks or is attacked by an enemy during a melee attack. 

The combat engagement ends as soon as one of the two characters :

– dies ;

– leaves the attack zone; 

– makes a ranged attack on another character;

– casts a spell on another character.

It is possible to be engaged in combat against several enemies at the same time and thus to engage in combat against another enemy, without having killed the first one. (page 20 of the rulebook)

How does a ranged attack work when you are in close combat?

A character cannot make a ranged attack roll on an enemy who is engaged in combat with them, they must in this case make a melee attack with a hybrid or melee weapon. (page 22 of the rulebook)

However, the skill “Point-Blank Shot” allows you to make a ranged attack on an enemy engaged in combat with you.

Example: the Archer moves in close combat with a Goblin, but is not engaged in combat with it: he can make a ranged attack on this Goblin, even if it is in close combat.

On the next turn, the Goblin attacks the Archer in melee. Both are now engaged in combat: the Archer can no longer make a ranged attack on the Goblin.

How many health points does a source of Shadows have?

The health points of the sources of Shadows are variable according to the quests. They are indicated by the Spirit of Erune at the beginning of each quest.  

In addition, in Solo/Cooperative mode, the health points of the sources of Shadows are displayed each time you open the door containing a source of Shadows.

Do the Divination Ball, Creature Detection Rune, and Will-o'-the-Wisp activate monsters?

No, when a room is revealed by the Divination Ball, Creature Detection Rune or Will-o’-the-Wisp, the revealed monsters are inactive.

When a Monster appears during a search or event, it says "X appears and attacks you". But do you have to make an attack roll immediately or is the attack only effective during the Master of Shadows phase?

When a Monster appears with an event (Erune event or a search event) and the Spirit of Erune says it attacks, you must immediately place it on the board and have it attack. This Monster can attack again during the Master of Shadows Phase. 

How do you knock over a Cupboard?

An Adventurer or Monster character can knock down a cupboard on an attached square at the cost of a combat action. Each ally or enemy character present on the four squares in front of the Cupboard must defend an attack of two yellow combat dice.

The lightning bolts of these attack rolls do not give stamina. The cupboard is destroyed and removed from the board. 

Be careful, it is not possible to destroy a piece of furniture marked by an Erune event. (page 22 of the rulebook)

How many potions can I store?

You can store up to 2 potions and/or runes. If you have a potion belt, you can store 6 potions and/or runes.

Can we play without the application if the Master of Shadows is played by a player?

No, the Erune app is required to play Erune.

How do the rings work?

Rings are artifacts that you find during your adventures. There are several kinds of rings. You can have as many rings as you want, but you can’t equip two identical rings.

Can you redo a scenario?

Yes, you can! And with all its random events, items and choices, you can replay a scenario without ever experiencing the same adventure twice. 

How much damage do Adventurer traps do?

The only Adventurer who can set traps is the Guardian, thanks to his Crafty ability. His traps deal one yellow die of unstoppable damage when an enemy steps on them.

Some Adventurers’ spells cause pits to appear. When a monster falls into a pit, it takes a yellow die of unstoppable damage and cannot perform any further actions until it is out of the pit. 

It costs 4 squares of your movement roll to move out of a pit.

I can't find the Terrifying Presence and Bloodlust cards in the Master of Shadows deck.

There is no Terrifying Presence card in the game. “Terrifying Presence” is a passive skill of Major Monsters that increases the cost of any skill used against them by one stamina point. You can find the description on the back of the Master of Shadows’ screen or ask the Spirit of Erune for it.

Concerning “Bloodlust”, it is an ability of some monsters. You can find it on the back of their cards. 

Concerning the bosses, the descriptions of their abilities will be directly integrated in the application in a future update.  

Solo/cooperative questions

How do the monster skills work in Solo/Cooperative mode?

In Solo/Cooperative mode, the Master of Shadows does not generate stamina. The skills mastered by the monsters announced by the Spirit of Erune throughout the game are therefore free and must be used as soon as they can.

In addition, the passive skills of each Monster are also free.

In Solo/Cooperative mode, what if Erune’s Spirit tells me that the Monsters are using a skill that she did not announce at the beginning of the quest?

In any mode, if Erune’s Spirit announces that the monsters are using a skill this turn, it is considered mastered for that turn. 

Is there an activation order for monsters in Solo/Cooperative mode?

There is no order to activate monsters in Solo/Cooperative mode, it works in steps. First, the Spellcasting Monsters define the type of behavior they will have for this phase. Then, each Monster targets an Adventurer and moves. Finally, all the Monsters attack at the same time. The order in which you make the attack rolls is up to you.

In Solo/Cooperative mode, should we disregard the skills detailed on each Monster card and only take into account the ones the application has identified during the Master of Shadows phase?

Not at all! You must always take into account the passive skills of each Monster on the board and add the skills revealed by the application at the beginning of the game.

How do you see the orientation of the monsters in the application?

When you enter a room, the monsters always face the Adventurers.

Will-o'-the-wisp / Divination ball / Creature detection rune don't work in Solo/Cooperative mode, what can I do?

The creature detection rune, will-o’-the-wisp and divination ball are currently being optimized for Solo/Cooperative mode. 

In the meantime, when playing in Solo/Cooperative mode, you can open doors by saying “Your Adventurer opens door X”, not apply events if there are any, and only apply them when Adventurers cross the threshold.

Advanced Questions

What happens to found items if I don't have any space?

If you don’t have room, found objects fall to the ground and can be picked up by other Adventurers.

Note: There is no limit to the number of artifacts you can carry.

What happens if I knock over a cupboard and a Goblin is on top of it?

If a Goblin is on top of a cupboard that you knock over, it too takes damage as it falls to the ground. 

But for the more roleplaying among you, we suggest a little rule. The Goblin present on the cupboard when it is knocked down can make a success test with a black combat die. If he gets a Lightning on his roll, he lands without taking damage, on any other result he suffers damage. 

How does the skill Riposte work in case of a group attack?

If you are hit by a group attack and you don’t lose any health, you can use the Riposte skill and convert the lightning rolled on your defense roll into lightning damage. This damage can only be inflicted on one attacker of your choice in your melee attack zone.

Warning: Lightning bolts from your defense roll do not generate stamina when you use Riposte.

Can the skill "Good fortune" be applied to the rolls of movement, detection and success test?

Yes, the skill “Good fortune” allows you to roll a dice. As the movement roll, trap detection roll and success test are dice rolls, they can be re-rolled thanks to Good Fortune. 

My Archer is attacked by 2 rats. He defends himself against both attacks. Can he use his “Good fortune” skill on each attack? 

A skill can only be used once per action. In this case, the Archer is attacked twice, so he defends himself twice and can use the “Good fortune” skill twice, paying the cost of each use.

With a Deflagration spell, can the enemies on the targeted squares defend themselves with a dice roll?

You can always defend yourself from an attack as long as it is not unstoppable.

Is it possible to combine characters at a distance during a group attack?

Yes, it is possible to use the skill Group Attack with a ranged character. To do so, you simply add the ranged attack roll to the total attack roll.

When a triggered trap deals damage to multiple Adventurers, how does the dice roll work?

When an effect affects more than one Adventurer and they have to roll a die, each Adventurer makes their own roll.

I have inherited two resurrection pacts and/or Shadow cards, will they be canceled for the next quest?

Yes, all Shadow cards you possess are removed when you complete a quest, regardless of the pact you made.

Can you attack a character who is in a pit?

Yes, they can still be the target of melee, ranged and spell attacks.

Can you use 2 melee weapons simultaneously in an attack?

No: you can only use one weapon at a time… unless you find a weapon that contradicts the previous sentence.

Once used, can I get the Fate Point back at the beginning of each quest?

No. Fate point is the rarest resource in the game: you earn one every ten levels.

The difficulty

When the Adventurers are level 6 and the Master of Shadows level 2, does the application compensate the difference?

Yes: the application knows the levels of each of the characters present and gives bonuses to compensate for large differences in levels. 

However, it is recommended to play with characters of similar level. 

Can we start Dolan's Mill (first quest of the campaign) with heroic class characters at level 18?

We recommend that you do the quest campaign in order with the same group of players. However, if you have finished the campaign and want to start over, it is possible to do it again with the same characters. Beware, the Monsters will have a big advantage!

Are there difficulty levels (easy/normal/difficult) in Solo/Cooperative mode?

No, there are no difficulty levels at the moment. Erune gets more and more complex as the quests go on, and if your level is too high for a quest, the app will add as many free skills to the Monsters as needed.

If I play with two Adventurers, can I play with the Wizard and the Archer?

Yes, however it is recommended to have at least one melee fighter (Warrior or Guardian) in your team for a better balance.


Will we be able to submit quests to be added to Erune?

Yes, this will be possible. We will provide a form on our website. We will choose the best ones, which will then be voted on by the community. The winner will have their quest added to Erune. 


We encourage you to submit your custom quests to the community on the discord. The community’s favorite player quests may be added in the coming months.

Is there a list of skill cards for the Master of Shadows, Adventurers and their heroic classes somewhere?

The skill and spell lists for each of the characters in the game are available in our latest Kickstarter news.

Is it possible to get the map of the world of Erune, to print it?

We will soon make the map of Erune available in high definition on the website.

Have the items/artifacts proposed by backers via the form already been integrated into the app?

Some items have been added, it’s up to you to find them! 

Mid 2022 we will make available on our website a form that will allow you to propose your own objects and events as well as the list of objects present.

Will STL files be available for backers?

The STL files unlocked in stretch goals during the kickstarter campaign will only be available to kickstarter backers. Please be patient: we are doing our best to provide you with STLs that match the game’s furniture.

Future versions/extensions of ERUNE

Is a random dungeon mode planned?

We are currently thinking about adding a random dungeon mode in the sequel of Erune.

Is it planned that the application recognizes the names given to our characters when we talk to it?

This is not possible in this version.

Will it be possible to choose the music tracks?

This is not possible at the moment, we are actively working on improving the application and will add in future updates a feature that will allow you to choose and change your music during the game.

Will we be able to choose a saved character?

This feature will be included in a future update, we are currently working on it.

Is a steam version of the application planned?

This is not planned at the moment, but we are considering developing a web application of Erune if many players ask for it. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the project!

Is there a rewind action to undo the last interaction with the Spirit of Erune?

This feature will be included in a future update, we are currently working on it.

Can we easily find the last opened room?

This is not possible at the moment, but we are actively working on adding this feature! This will be the subject of a future update.