COOPERATE, survive

and save humanity!

Play as the crew of the Spark, the spaceship equipped with the most advanced AI in the universe. Your mission is to deliver precious cargo to the four corners of the galaxy to ensure the survival of humanity. Beware, alien pirates and hostile environments await you, so only the best will arrive in one piece.

When Star Trek meets Mad Max


Spark Riders 3000 is a hybrid solr/co-operative tower defense and survival game for 1 to 4 players in which players must coordinate their actions to ensure the success of their mission. 

Each scenario is different and you will have to adapt quickly to avoid seeing your ship destroyed and its cargo intercepted by alien pirates. 

The goal is simple: reach your delivery point without having one of the ship’s vital rooms destroyed.


Each player is a Rider, a member of the Spark crew. Each turn, they can move up to three rooms in the ship and perform one action: 

Pilot, Shoot, or Tinker. 

During their game phase, players may perform their actions in any order and simultaneously.

For each of these actions, the players roll dice to determine the level of success. This result can be improved with the help of other players and the use of equipment.

Each Riders is good at everything but they all have their specialty this is why they all have a special ability.


Once per turn, each player can help another crew member. The help token is placed in a room that the player has passed through. If another crew member performs an action in this room, they receive a bonus for their main est posé dans une salle traversée par le joueur. Si un autre membre d’équipage effectue une action dans cette salle, il bénéficie d’un bonus pour son action.


The piloting is done from the cockpit of the ship and different actions are possible: 

The Speed piloting increases the distance covered this turn and can allow to lose enemy ships.

The Offensive piloting allows you to destroy enemy ships during the maneuver and/or make them change sides.


To shoot the player must be in a turret, they can attack all the enemies present on that side of the Ship (left or right).

When an enemy is destroyed, the AI recovers components needed to build and improve the ship parts.


With these components, players can build turrets or a shield generator on the available build slots. 

The turrets can be upgraded with dual cannons to increase their firepower and/or laser ammunition to get through the shields of certain enemies. 

If one or more rooms have been destroyed, they can be rebuilt.

When a crew member decides to build an item, they place the number of fabrication tokens needed to build it in the room.

Each token represents a wrench symbol that must be obtained to complete the construction.



A room can be damaged and the crew will have to repair it if they don’t want the room to be destroyed and removed from the board.


The rooms of the ship can be armored to better resist the enemies’ shots.


The thrusters allow the Spark to move forward, you and the crew members will need to maintain them throughout your journey. 

In the nexus, the center of the ship, is the Prosperity dispenser.

During the mission, the crew members will earn credits. The credits earned are placed in the dispenser, and once filled, the players get Prosperity cards.

These cards can be used to improve the actions of the players and the ship. They can be used for free during the journey.

There are different types of cards:

Equipment cards can be used by the crew member who owns it during the whole game.

Item cards can be used once and are discarded after use.

Spark Riders 3000 is a hybrid game with a voice application (you will interact with your voice). The application represents the interface of IRIS, the artificial intelligence of the ship, it will guide you throughout your journey.  

IRIS announces the appearance of the enemies, their movement and where they attack! 

At the beginning of each turn, it checks the state of the ship and announces the changes so that you can reflect them on the board. 

It also serves as your communication interface with the various characters and events in the game!


1. The application displays the current speed of the ship, which is calculated according to the state of the thrusters. You can increase it with a piloting action, repairing the thrusters, or using an object.

2. Environment, the application displays the environment in which you are. There are several types of environments: asteroid fields, solar storms and micro particle fog. Each of these environments has particularities that force you to adapt your actions.

3. State of the ship and thrusters, the application updates the visual so that you can update the game board.