Arkada Studio is a French board game publisher specializing in voice technologies. Our first game, ERUNE, is a dungeon crawler with a voice application that allows players to be in total immersion.

Erune: Our first project

Erune is our first project. At first glance, it’s a classic Dungeon Crawler (1 to 5 players) inspired by Heroquest, Descent and Dungeon Saga. But we’ve added our technology to it to create a whole new kind of board game, one that evolves with its community.

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Application powered by ARKADA

Voice is the interface of tomorrow and we want to improve the user experience while offering ever more advanced functionalities.

Real-time modifiable database


Randomness management

Human Language Comprehension

Voice recognition

Meet the team

Hello ! 

We are a young French studio, we developed our first ERUNE game with a voice application. 

We grew up with board games, role playing games and video games. The games that inspired us the most are “Heroquest”, “Descent”, “Dungeon Saga”. So it’s natural that we try to create one of their noble heir! 

Arkada Studio is a young studio of 4 people coming from very different sectors: 

  • Video games
  • 3D Animation
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Music
  • Writting 
Picture of the creator of ERUNE, a new generation Heroqurest
the team working on the new stretch goal for ERUNE, a new generation Heroquest boardgame with a vocal application