Spark Riders 3000 is Out !

Embark on a new incredible journey in the Spark, the most famous ship in the galaxy !
Alone or with others, become a Rider, one of the best cosmonauts in the universe, and try to save humanity !
Will you be able to defeat the fearsome aliens who chase you across the planets ?

Become a true Rider now !

Join Iris, the Artificial Intelligence of the Spark, on a journey across the universe.
Face tough enemies, delivery precious shipments and try to keep your ship intact !
More than 40 figures, 5 playable characters, six incredibly immersive missions and several hours of voice acting await you in Spark Riders 3000 !

Discover Erune Light and Darkness !

Experience the evolution of Erune with Light & Darkness.
Dive into a richer narrative and enjoy unique new features.
Join us on this epic journey by supporting Erune 2.0: Light & Darkness today.
Unleash a world of adventure like never before!

Join the world of Erune : Light and Darkness now !

Discover Erune: 100+ miniatures, 38 designs, 24 quests with voice acting,
6 unique adventurers.
Solo, co-op, or versus mode.
Enhanced app experience, 60+ minutes of music, lore book, and 300+ illustrated cards for endless strategies!

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Erune is a turn-based board game for 1 to 5 players that takes place in a medieval fantasy world. Each game is a quest that opposes a Master of Shadows (MO) to a group of Adventurers. Each side must complete objectives during the quest, the side with the most victory points at the end of the quest wins the game.

Sparkriders 3000

Play as a crew member of the Spark, one of the last ships equipped with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence in the universe.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to deliver a precious cargo to the far reaches of the galaxy to save humanity.

But beware, alien pirates and hostile environments await you on the journey. Only the best will make it home in one piece!