ERUNE : A new kind of board game with a vocal application.

When a fantasy world meets tomorrow's technologies.
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Erune is a turn-based board game for 1 to 5 players that takes place in a medieval fantasy world. Each game is a quest that opposes a Master of Shadows (MO) to a group of Adventurers. Each side must complete objectives during the quest, the side with the most victory points at the end of the quest wins the game.

In the midst of all this, the Spirit of Erune, a voice-driven application, invites players to discover a new way to play.

The Spirit of Erune is an omniscient and impartial being. It accompanies the Master of Shadows and the Adventurers during their stories, punctuating the game with events of all kinds, from finding treasures to encounters with characters.

Also, the Spirit of Erune answers all the players’ questions about the world of Erune and the rules of the game.

Every battle won, treasure found, or skill acquired improves the abilities of your characters: Adventurers and Master of Shadows evolve through increasingly epic quests.


Adventurers’ phase

Adventurers have several actions available. They can move, fight, search rooms/furniture, drink potions, consume substances, etc.


The Spirit of Erune

At the beginning of each turn, the Spirit of Erune reveals the events that impact all players (Master of Shadows and/or Adventurers).

Master of Shadows’ phase

The Master of Shadows has several actions at his disposal during his turn which he can perform in the order of his choice: move the monsters, make them attack and cast curses on the Adventurers.

Solo/Cooperative mode

Players plays the Adventurers.

Arena Mode

Face endless waves of monsters to win tremendous treasures!

Custom quests

Create and play the quest of your design.

Master of Shadows mode

One player plays the Master of Shadows and fights the Adventurers.

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The vocal application

I play the characters

I let you talk with the characters you meet during your adventures.

I make you evolve

I reveal your gains when leveling up, your quest objectives and the winner of the game. 

I am a source of knowledge

I will answer all your questions about the rules of the game and the objects of the world of Erune in detail.

I embody luck

I reveal the treasures, the traps and the effects of certain objects among thousands of possibilities…

I tell the story

I punctuate your quests with all kinds of events.  Beware! Your choices have consequences that influence your story!

The Warrior

“Honor in battle”, such is the Warrior’s motto. She was born without any magical gift, yet she remains a formidable opponent in melee, strong and powerful – better have her as an ally than an enemy!

The Guardian

The robust Guardian, a wise Dwarf, protects his companions at the risk of his life. This ingenious fighter knows how to turn the situation around and to avoid traps of all sorts.

The Archer

A piercing eye, supple and catlike moves, and the whistle of an arrow : the Archer has no mercy for his enemies. He keeps a close and privileged bond with nature, which provides him with powerful magic.

The Wizard

The Wizard may be vulnerable when fighting hand-to-hand, but she remains a precious ally. Thanks to her intelligence and her mastery of Arcane magic, she knows how to use her powerful spells to get out of desperate situations.


Erune includes more than 50 miniatures, more than 200 talent cards (40 per player), more than 30 spell fields with unique illustrations. It’s also a modular board and 3D scenery to create even more epic dungeons!