Erune – Heroic Edition (English Version)


The world of Erune is under threat. The Master of Shadows, the embodiment of a long-forgotten realm, has resurfaced. He controls legions of monsters seeking to expand and enslave all life.
A group of Adventurers embark on a battle against these forces beyond their control. They must unite and journey through dungeons to finally become heroes.
In the midst of the fighting, a mysterious voice is heard, understandable by all: The Spirit of Erune, the all-knowing and impartial guardian of this world.
Use your voice, I invite you to discover a new way of playing !

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I am the Spirit of Erune!

Led by voice, I invite you to discover a new way to play.

Guardian of the ancestral knowledge of the world of Erune, I dwell in all things and take no part in the conflict between the Adventurers and the Master of Shadows.
I accompany you on your quests and tell you what you cannot see.
I am the narrator of your adventure.
I punctuate your quests with events of all kinds. Beware!
Your choices have consequences that influence your story!
I am a source of knowledge.
I answer all your questions about the rules of the game and the objects of the world of Erune, down to the smallest detail.
I am luck.
I reveal treasures, traps, and the effects of certain items among thousands of possibilities...
I make you evolve.
I reveal to you your gains during leveling, your quest objectives and the winner of the games.
I emboy the characters.
I allow you to talk with the characters you meet during your adventures.


The Heroic Box contains:

  • The entire contents of the Adventure box.
  • 8 additional quests.
  • 15 Heroic Class Cards for your characters.
  • 9 additional monster miniatures.
  • Over 100 additional Talent Cards to further customize your characters.
  • 12 spell sets.
  • All furniture (chest, barrel, cabinet, table, door base) in 3D.


A smartphone is required to play Erune. A minimum operating system version is required:

  • Android 7.1 minimum
  • iOS 12 minimum