Erune – Heroic Edition (English Version)


The world of Erune is under threat. The Master of Shadows, the embodiment of a long-forgotten realm, has resurfaced. He controls legions of monsters seeking to expand and enslave all life.
A group of Adventurers embark on a battle against these forces beyond their control. They must unite and journey through dungeons to finally become heroes.
In the midst of the fighting, a mysterious voice is heard, understandable by all: The Spirit of Erune, the all-knowing and impartial guardian of this world.
Use your voice, I invite you to discover a new way of playing !

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Le monde d’Erune est menacé. Le Maître des Ombres, incarnation d’un royaume trop longtemps oublié, refait surface. Il contrôle des légions de monstres cherchant à s’étendre afin d’asservir toute vie.
Un groupe d’Aventuriers s’engage alors dans un combat contre ces forces qui les dépassent. Ils devront s’unir et arpenter des donjons pour enfin devenir des héros.
Au milieu des combats, une mystérieuse voix se fait entendre, compréhensible par tous : L’Esprit d’Erune, la gardienne omnisciente et impartiale de ce monde.

I am the Spirit of Erune!

Led by voice, I invite you to discover a new way to play.

Guardian of the ancestral knowledge of the world of Erune, I dwell in all things and take no part in the conflict between the Adventurers and the Master of Shadows.
I accompany you on your quests and tell you what you cannot see.
I am the narrator of your adventure.
I punctuate your quests with events of all kinds. Beware!
Your choices have consequences that influence your story!
I am a source of knowledge.
I answer all your questions about the rules of the game and the objects of the world of Erune, down to the smallest detail.
I am luck.
I reveal treasures, traps, and the effects of certain items among thousands of possibilities...
I make you evolve.
I reveal to you your gains during leveling, your quest objectives and the winner of the games.
I emboy the characters.
I allow you to talk with the characters you meet during your adventures.