Dear Backers,

We are now 1100 on this project and we thank you for your tremendous investment and for your passion. We have receive so many suggestions and vote, this is just pure awesome!!

As explained in the previous update, you could vote for the Stretch Goal we will unlock at 200k and it was a nail-bitter till the end. On one side we had the Master of Shadows thirst for power and on the other side the tech savvy and last, the fans of the thrill of chance, curious about the new die.

Here are the final result of the 200k SG vote:

1- A new gameplay feature for the Master of Shadows 👿 with 58 votes

2- The save and load of your Character in-APP 📲 with 55 votes

3- A brand new die 🎲 with 54

Hear ye, hear ye, the spirit of Erune whispers that to thank you for this incredible support we will not only unlock the new gameplay, but also the save and load!! Yes two SG for the price of one!

Having the community involved in the creation of the game has always been our priority. With the first Edition of Erune one of the first event we had was to create items that you could later loot in-game. And today we want to do that again! 

Suggest items to be added to the game in the comments using the template written down below!

Since a lot of you are new to the adventure, here is are examples of what an item can look like:

To ensure we have everything ready to review, here is the template you should use:

– Name of the item

 Type (Weapon, Protection, Equipment, Potion, Artifact)

 Classes (Adventurers or Master of Shadows)

 Rarity (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary)

 Effect of the item (do not feel pressured to match the mechanics of the game, be creative!)

 Attack or Defense rolls (This is optional, depending on the type of item)

There are no bad ideas, the goal here is for you to have fun! We will take care of the technicality and the lore!

On October 16th at 6pm UTC+2, we will go live on twitch to review as many comments as we can.

We are looking forward to reading your suggestions!  In the meantime, keep an eye on the sky. They say Helgen got hit by a fearsome beast. One of those horrors comes here, we’ll be ready.

Have a great weekend,

Arkada’s Team