We have no words to explain how mind-blowing this is! Thank you doesn’t even seem like enough!

Already 150k and 1000 Backers!! We are proud and excited for what’s coming next as we prepare quite the package of Stretch Goals! And of course one of them was for YOU ALL. Here is the 1000 Backers Stretch Goal unlocked :

  • The Order of Bards 🪕

With 6 Original soundtracks, some by the amazing 2sich that already composed for the trailer and some by our very own bard at the studio, St Aubin. It will be available at the end of the quest, bringing your own story to life!


We mentioned you could vote for the 100k but because it was unlocked faster than anticipated we are going for the 200k instead!

📣 So now is your chance to vote in the comment for the one you want the most!

  • A brand new die 🎲

A brand new powerful die for the Adventurers and MoS to roll. But with great powers comes great responsibilities. You will hit harder but you risk to lose some resources like Stamina or even Health points. This will allow us to bring more nuances to some rolls that could be decisive to win it all or lose it all situations!

  • A new gameplay feature for the Master of Shadows 👿

As mentioned before, we want the MoS to be more in control of their action in the dungeon and on the Adventurers. We want players to have fun stepping in the shoes of this evil entity but also we want to make MoS be a true threat in the solo mode. When Adventurer lose one Heath Point, the Master of Shadow will be able to convert this point into an abilities.

  •  The save and load of your Character in-APP 📲

Yes, you can already save your character sheet in the app but we want to go further. Not only this save will now be on a cloud server, meaning you won’t lose it if you log onto an other devise, but you will also be able to load it at the start of a quest. Meaning this in-app sheet will update once the quest is over. And because the app will have a new visual identity we will also make sure to improve the visuals and ergonomics of this in-app sheet.

We are working on the upcoming SG as well and you should see them updated on the page soon. Lot of them were selected from your many amazing suggestions so do not hesitate to make your voice heard! 

Again thank you so much for this support and your many comments!

We will be back soon with some great news 😀

Arkada’s Team