Dear Erune community,

We know, you are chomping at the bit, and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you what is on the horizon for Erune! These past two months of anticipation have swept us all up in a whirlwind of emotions and excitement.

Erune: Light & Darkness is not an expansion; it’s a return to the mysterious and breathtaking origins of the world you’ve come to cherish. In short, it’s an Erune 2.0 unfolding for your pleasure; an open door to the secrets and adventures that lead to the story you know and will enrich each of your future expeditions in Erune.

And to whet your appetite, our trailer, crafted by the talent and passion of Aurore Gardan and Logan Chaix, offers a first look at what awaits you in this new Erune adventure. Take a look here if you haven’t done so yet!

Join Us on October 10th for a Memorable Evening

Join us on October 10th at 5 pm, where you will learn more about Erune: Light & Darkness! Louis and Steven will guide you through a Twitch live stream full of surprises, emotions, and most importantly, sharing with you, our dear community. Be with us to celebrate the launch of this new adventure together!

Dive into an Enriched World with Erune: Light & Darkness

Embark on a preliminary adventure with our new “Pre-Quest” system, navigating between the interactive audio book and the expedition through the dungeons.Take on new challenges with adjustable difficulty levels and prepare for extraordinary encounters with the Order of Bards at the end of each mission. The overhaul of our original 18 quests promises a more balanced experience without altering the much-appreciated scenarios.

Also discover the unprecedented objective of the Master of Shadows, who can now win the game, as well as twelve new monsters, two additional adventurers – the monk and the demon hunter, and much more, including the alchemy table and possible new furnishings. Join us in this renewed and still epic adventure!

On October 10th, we hope to see many of you, ready to turn the page towards this new vibrant and immersive chapter of Erune! Your presence and support mean everything to us and we are eager to share every moment of this new adventure with you.

To find more informations about Erune, don’t hesitate to check the dedicated page by clicking the link here.