Dear Erune community,

It is with immense pleasure and undeniable excitement that we announce the launch of Erune Light & Darkness on Kickstarter. This significant milestone is a result of relentless hard work, and your unparalleled support has brought us here. Today, we invite you to join us once again in this promising new chapter of Erune.

Why Your Support is Crucial from the Start

Your commitment during the first 48 hours on Kickstarter can significantly influence the trajectory of our project. As a token of gratitude for your initial support, every contribution made during this period will be rewarded with an exclusive Lorebook about the universe of Erune, valued at €35!

Discover the World of Erune 2.0 with the Official Light & Darkness Trailer

We are thrilled to once again share with you the official trailer for Erune: Light & Darkness. Crafted with dedication and passion by our talented team of illustrators and 2D and 3D animators, we hope it will captivate you and immerse you even deeper into the Erune universe.

Your Voice Makes a Difference

Your active involvement in spreading the word about our project is invaluable. Every share, every comment significantly helps to expand our reach and amplify the Erune adventure beyond its current boundaries. If the Erune universe has won you over and Light & Darkness piques your curiosity, we encourage you to share and discuss the project with your loved ones.

Erune Light & Darkness is more than just an expansion; it’s a fresh and thrilling chapter in our shared journey of exploration, challenges, and shared stories. Your support is a cornerstone for us, and with you by our side, this expansion has the potential to be an unforgettable chapter in our collective saga.

We invite you to join us, turn this dream into a tangible reality, and together, delve into the mysteries and surprises that Erune: Light & Darkness holds. A new quest is on the horizon, and we are eager to embark on it hand in hand with you.

Join us on the Kickstarter campaign, and together, let’s open this exciting new chapter of Erune!

If you want to know more about the base game Erune, please feel free to check out the official page for the game.