To be honest…  This is beyond what we were prepared for but damn we are so proud to see you all here!! With more than 500 backers and more coming in by the second, it’s hard to keep track. 🤯🔥

We reached our funding goal in about an hour and that’s a brand new record for us! Thank you all for being part of this adventure. YOU ARE AMAZING.

Tomorrow we will be back with some great updates, starting with all the visuals for the first STRETCH GOALS. The corresponding visuals and new Stretch-Goals will be revealed on Wednesday, 11th of October, at 5 p.m. (UTC+2).

We have now unlocked the following Stretch-Goals:

  • 🎁  50K: In-App Adventurer Generator.
  • 🎁  60K: 5 Additional pages in the “Codex of Erune”, dedicated only to the Lore.
  • 🎁  70K: 10 Additional Scourge cards for the MoS.
  • 🎁  80K: The spirit of Erune comes to life in your app and becomes animated.

Here are the next Stretch-Goals to unlock:

  • 🔒  90K: 5 Additional pages in the “Codex of Erune”, dedicated only to the Artwork.
  • 🔒  100K: To be voted on the Kickstarter page!

We have a list of stretch goals ready but because everything is moving faster than anticipated and we want to thank you let’s not wait any longer:

Let us know in the comments right now the type of Stretch Goals you want to see next!

Let your voice be heard so we can make sure we align with your expectations! This is YOUR GAME. Let’s make it so!

Again thank you so much!!

Arkada’s Team.