Dear Backers,

5 days left before the end of the campaign, 6 days to unlock the last remaining stretch goals, and some big things are coming!
The ground is shaking, the shadow of a giant beast devourer villages, and fear takes on the bravest hearts. It seems that in Erune, your wishes become a reality.

We decided to thank you for your immense support by making the Dragon Hunt closer to your reach. You deserve it and this is now just in the reach of your hand.

The Dragon Hunt is so close!

The Dragon Hunt is a big ADD-ON that will be unlocked once we reach 200k!
It will be added for free to the ALL-IN pledges and available for the price of 35€ (This is not a standalone, you need the core game to play). This will include a huge Dragon miniature, our discord community’s favorite, with its 3 epic quests offering harder content for the Adventurers who like challenges!

But this does not stop at the Dragon Hunt, today we are presenting tomorrow many more content to unlock…

Brand new entry pledge, play Erune Heroic expansion!

You want to support us, you want to play Erune and we want you to have a more accessible entry to this huge game. We did receive a lot of interest forΒ the standee versionΒ of the game but we willΒ not be able to offer this with this Kickstarter. We will offer another option, more accessible than the Master Pledge!

You can now get the Core Game with the Heroic Expansion for 140€!
This mirrors the offer we had on the first Erune Kickstarter with access to all the content of the game and all the heroic perks: 3D furniture, heroic classes, 8 more quests, many new monsters, and more.

This will not be the First Edition reprint. But you will get the two boxes without the Light and Darkness content.Β If you do not own Erune and you are on a budget, that would be the perfect starting point!

Thank you so much for your support! Let’s make this end of the campaign memorable!!Β 

Arkada’s Team